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South Africa Police Recruitment 2019 – Apply Now | SAPs Training Application Form 2019
 Apply for South Africa Police Recruitment 2019 Application Form. Every applicant seeking for this recruitment will undergo fitness, psychometric testing as well as medical evaluation, will be interviewed during the recruitment, selection and enlistment process. There would be a verification of the criminal record, driver’s license, citizenship, qualification and residential address of each applicant by… (0 comment)

Zimbabwe National Army Recruitment 2019 – Apply Now | ZNA Recruitment Application Form & Requirements
Zimbabwe National Army Recruitment 2019 online, you need to register so you can have access to your personal secured candidate portal. From there, you will be able to complete the application form and follow your application as it moves through the process. Make your dream come by joining the Zimbabwe Army Recruitment 2019. Know the requirement… (0 comment)

Ghana Army Recruitment 2019 – Apply Now | Ghana Army Recruitment Application Form & Requirements 2019
Thank you for your interest in joining the Ghana Army Recruitment 2019. Moreover, there are some certain newly established criteria for GAF eligibility, Application Procedure ,The Requirements. Not sure where to start, or what you could do? Explore our guide for different ways to join or apply for GAF Recruitment 2019 online. About Ghana Armed Forces… (0 comment)

PNG Army Recruitment 2019 – Apply Now | PNG Army Recruitment Form 2018/2019 is Out
PNG Army Recruitment 2019 – All forms must be attached with a PNG Army application form, a cover letter and current resume. Completed forms can be dropped off at the reception of Army headquarters and applicants in the provinces can deliver their applications to the provincial Army training office. Women are also encouraged to apply… (0 comment)

Official: Rhodes Scholarship 2018/2019 – Apply Now | British Council Scholarships in Zambia
The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards supporting exceptional students from around the world to study at the University of Oxford. The Rhodes is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international scholarship programme in the world. Selection of Rhodes Scholars is made without regard to gender, gender identity, marital status, sexual orientation, race, ethnic origin,… (0 comment)

How To Apply For Singapore MINDEF Scholarship 2018 | SAF Ministry of Defence scholarship 2018/2019 Application Form
Singapore MINDEF Scholarship 2018 Description Many scholarships are based on merit or awarded as recognition for certain achievements. There are also other types of scholarships which are needs-based. Either way, they are beneficial because they are seen as prestigious and can enhance your resume as well as help you pay for your education. Host Country of Scholarship:… (0 comment)

Official: Philippine Army Recruitment 2018 – Apply Now | Philippine Army Recruitment 2018/2019 Application Form
This is to bring to the notice of the general public who are qualified and wishes to join the Philippine Army Recruitment 2018 especially the citizens that the Army Recruitment 2018 application form is out. All Interested persons can now proceed with their registration. Philippine Army Major Obligation The Philippine Army (PA) is the main, oldest and… (0 comment)

South African Police Service Recruitment – Apply Now | South African Police Service Recruitment Form 2018/2019
The South African Police Service (SAPS) is recruiting people between the ages of 18 and 30 to join the SAPS. An official advert has been published and can be seen on the SAPS website under the careers section, and in various newspapers nationally, provincially and locally. Young perople who possesses leadership skills and regard themselves as… (0 comment)

Google Africa Developer Student Club (DSC) lead program 2018 – Apply Now | Opened to Colleges and Universities in Africa
In July 2017 we announced a series of initiatives focused at providing mobile developer trainings to 100,000 developers in Africa. Today, as part of that commitment, we will be kicking off our Developer Student Club (DSC) program aimed at providing the African student community a head start on latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence… (0 comment)