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Namecheap affiliate review: How to make money with Namecheap affiliate program 2018

Namecheap affiliate review: How to make money with Namecheap affiliate program 2018
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namecheap affiliate program  is one of the best webhosting companies in the world, and what amazes me most is their affiliate program.

Do you want to make money from webhosting companies? If yes, then namecheap affiliate program is definitely one of the best and easy way.

You are here on this post definitely indicate you are looking for  a well detailed review of namecheap affiliate program featuring-

•how it works
•Application procedure
•legit or not
•Add yours

Namecheap webhosting and domain registrar is a well known and all known to be one of the best and reliable webhosting companies right now on the internet.

According to Wikipedia.
Namecheap, Inc. Is an ICANN accredited registrar, which renders service on webhosting and domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties.

This company based in Phoenix, Arizona.
Headquarters: los Angeles, California, united States.
CEO:Richard kirkendall
Founded in:2000

While you don’t really need this information, it’d do a whole lot of good to know about this awesome webhosting company before you start promoting it with visitors on your blog or website.

What’s The Big Deal
With such a trusted webhosting company, you are opportune to promote them and make some cool commission

Product You Can Promote Are:

Post Contents

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  • Domain names
  • Webhosting plans
  • SSL certificate

    Every company wish to make more sales. As a result of this, they love honest publisher like you who can be able to promote their awesome products on your blog or website and in return:

  • they make more sales
  • offer you some % commission for making out time to promote their products.

A win win for the both of you

How much can you actually earn as a namecheap affiliate:

For sure in every business, you need you need to work hard to make it big however let me show you how much you can earn from namecheap affiliate program.

  • 15% commission is dead

    Recently i received mail from Namecheap concerning the new affiliate system. This new system is now connected to the world leading affiliate platform that connect publishers (you) with advertisers (Namecheap).

    The New Commission Rate

  • Domain Registration: 20%
  • Hosting purchased: 30%
  • SSL certificate: 30%

    Now you can make your calculation and know how much commission you can earn from this awesome Namecheap affiliate program.

    How to Apply for Namecheap affiliate program.

    The registration involves few steps.

  • signup
  • Apply
  • Accept and get approve
  • Promote
  • Make sales

    I will break it down for you. It’s very easy, even a complete newbie can signup for Namecheap affiliate program and start earning right away.

    Follow This Steps Below To Get Started

  • visit Impact radius

    Just as said earlier, impact radius is an affiliate management platform. When you register for impact radius you will not only promote Namecheap but as well lots of other webhosting companies such as hostgator.

    This is the best platform for managing affiliate and they keep correct track of your clicks and conversion.

    Similar Website To Impact Radius Include:

  • Commission junction
  • Vglinks
  • Rakuten affiliate

    So the first step is signup for impact radius. If you already have an account with impact radius, you should click on the already have an account link on the website.

  • Apply for Namecheap affiliate program. If you follow the Link above impact radius will take you through the application.
Fill in your correct details. Accept the terms and conditions and you just applied to the program.
  • wait for approval
Within 24hours, you will get the approval email from  Namecheap welcoming you into their awesome affiliate program.
You have applied, been approved and and the next question is ‘how do i effectively promote and make money?.
Get Your Affiliate Links
First you need to login to your impact radius dashboard and there you have a range of banners to put on your blog as well as the general affiliate Link.
Just look up any banner of your choice and click on the get code.

How to withdraw your Namecheap commission via Impact Radius

From your dashboard, click on the add bank account information and get ready to receive your payment
Important thing you need to know about this Namecheap affiliate program.
  • The customer may not have register using your affiliate but must use your link to order their first product on Namecheap. If he or she has registered long ago and have purchased a product already. Then using your affiliate link is useless and it will not earn you any commission.
Best ways to boost your Earnings promoting Namecheap
If you want to earn more commission, then
  • write “How to start a blog” post featuring Namecheap
  • Include your banner in content
  • write review of namecheap and have your affiliate link in place
  • Get more targeted traffic to your blog
  • How to withdraw your Namecheap commission via Impact Radius

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