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How to Correct BVN Details 2018 | Change BVN Date Of Birth

How to Correct BVN Details 2018 | Change BVN Date Of Birth
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Recently I discovered that some people are having any issues with their Bank Verification Number (BVN) details and I happened to be in that category of people,  so I’m here to inform you guys how that can be resolved.  This new article Will be teaching you all How to Correct and Update BVN Details.

How To Correct BVN Details

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The Central Bank of Nigeria already made it known to the public that only the Commercial Banks are given access to the BVN database of their customers.

As a result, if you made any mistake during the registration of your Bank Verification Number, you can now correct and Update it to the real one.

To update your BVN details, kindly visit the bank branch were you registered your BVN and leave a complain concerning the particular information you would like to change.

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Corrections That Can Be Made On Your BVN Details

  • Date of birth
  • Change of first name due to marriage
  • Name Correction due to Gross error (blunder)

Documents Required for BVN Details Update

Birth certificate – for correction of Date of Birth.
Those changing or correcting details due to marriage should provide marriage certificate/affidavit as a proof.
Corrections of name due to Gross error/ blunder can be changed by presenting an international passport, national identity card or voters card that displays the correct name.

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