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How To See Photos On Free Facebook 2018

How To See Photos On Free Facebook 2018
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How To See Photos On Free Facebook

Lately, Freebascis have been  a life saver and a source of constant Internet presence,  so many persons have been using it to access their Facebook accounts to update their status and also for their normal chats.  Someone like me I use it most times to access Nairaland.
Free Facebook
Freebasics as Stated by the founder, It’s main aim is to  keep people online and surfing the Internet even when they ate broke.
 In facebook Freebasics, you are only permitted to chat and update your facebook status, It’s impossible to see pictures just profile pictures. But lately some tricks has been discovered to over shadow that impossibility but the only disadvantage is That you cant watch videos with it but you can now view pictures and enjoy the whole fun of Facebook.


1. Install facebook lite.  Download facebook lite from Google Play Store.
2. If you don’t have data to downlaod it,  you can always get it from someone. Launch the app, it will automatically be on free mode.
3. After you must have logged in, click  on see photos at the top right corner of the app.
4. Continue clicking yes to what ever questions you will be asked.
5. After that,  the facebook lite will be on data mode,  now close the app and open the app again and you will start seeing pictures on the app.

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