Free Browsing Glo Cheat With Stark VPN December  2017/January 2018 

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Glo VPN Cheat

GLO CHEAT 2017/2018

Here’s the latest Stark VPN Settings for Glo 0.0k Free Browsing GLO Cheat For December 2017/ January 2018.

Free browsing GLO cheat is back and better on Stark VPN  Newest version. I will give a break down on how to configure the Stark VPN so you can start enjoying the cheat without having an active data bundle.

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Firstly, if your data network refuses to connect , kindly go to your APN settings and edit it to the one below..

  • Apn name > Ebanks
  • Apn > 9mobile
  • Proxy and Port > should be left empty
  • Username and password >should be left empty
  • Scroll to the  Authentication Type and tick PAP
  • Finally save the new APN. Your data network will come up for you to use.

Once you’re done with the APN settings you can then proceed to the next step. 

Glo cheat

  • >> Select “Glo” in Twerk
  • >> Click  on the  RED Button to connect.
  • >> Then wait for some seconds for the vpn to connect.
  • Once it’s done connecting a key will appear on the notification bar
  • Glo Cheat
  • >>  update  your Stark VPN
  • >> Finally, launch your browser and start Browsing for as long as you want.
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That’s all on the GLO STARK VPN,  Please share this post using the share buttons below and don’t forget to leave a comment if you’re finding any of the steps to be difficult or confusing and also let us know if the GLO Cheat worked for you.

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